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PSAT Registration

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take an inexpensive practice version of the SAT in a timed setting. Sophomores and juniors on the Academic or Advanced Academic diploma plans are eligible and encouraged to register. Students who participate will receive valuable feedback to assist with the college planning process.

Registration is $18. Please enter the student's name, click "Add to Cart", and complete the payment on PayPal.

PSAT Registration is closed for the 2021-22 school year.

AP Exam Registration

The remaining balance for the AP tests is due by March  15, 2022. The standard exam fee is $96 minus the $40 deposit, so a remaining balance of $56 per test is due. Students qualifying for a reduced fee will pay a remaining balance of $22. To know if your student qualifies for the reduced fee please email lmegna@echs.org, or check with student services. If you have not yet signed up and still want to order a test, you will need to select the deposit/late fee of $80 in addition to the remaining deposit. In order to sign up: Please use the form below to select the AP exam that you would like to order, enter the student's name, and click "Add to Cart" to complete the payment on PayPal. If you'd like to order multiple AP exams, click on the original tab to access the exam order form and continue to add exams. Once all desired exams are selected, complete payment on the PayPal browser tab that appears each time you select "Add to Cart" or select "View Cart".

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