Escondido Charter High School - Flex Learning

Flex Learning at Escondido Charter High School is a distinct learning option that
encompasses a range of instructional choices for a truly personalized education.


Students have access to the same quality of core curriculum and technology you have come to expect from the Traditional Learning option at ECHS, but with the added flexibility to choose unique coursework that fits personal interests and goals, get ahead with college courses or online AP classes, secure internships, and find extra support with one-on-one instruction.


Students don’t have to miss out on a traditional high school experience to enjoy the unique personalized learning that ECHS Flex provides. The Flex bell schedule matches the Traditional schedule. This means that Flex students have lunch on the main campus with the entire student body. This also means that they have opportunities to blend into Traditional Learning classes for upper level math and science.

Does your student have a passion for sports or an interest in other extracurricular activities? Flex students are eligible to participate on all ECHS sports teams and in all academic clubs. We see Flex as providing an even more personalized learning experience for students– it’s the best of traditional and blended learning.

Personalized & One-to-One Learning

Flex Learning students can receive one-on-one instruction in an independent learning environment where students meet with their teacher once a week and work primarily at home between visits. Experienced teachers set the learning schedule and focus on one subject at a time for a deep and thorough grasp of the material. In teacher meetings, students receive individual guidance, instruction, and feedback on coursework. In addition to the regular core courses, the school offers a Great Books curriculum which grounds students in classical western culture.

On-campus course options are also available for students who desire a more immersive high school experience, and all Flex 1:1 students have the opportunity to take courses at Palomar College for dual credit. Students who follow the academic or advanced academic diploma plans will be prepared for college and careers.


 Questions & Answers:

Q. This all sounds pretty amazing. I have a busy schedule though. Does Flex Learning require more from me as a parent than Traditional Learning?

A. It is amazing, isn’t it? The best part is, your involvement can be as much as you desire. With up to four days on campus, your student has the option to utilize Mondays off campus for college courses or internships and create a modified schedule throughout the week. You will likely find that Flex may even fit your schedule better than Traditional Learning, and you’re not responsible for providing instruction or lessons in any way. That’s what our highly qualified staff of educators is here for.

Q. My student needs some structure to direct their learning. Is Flex a good fit for my student?

A. In short, Flex Learning offers a spectrum of options to fit the needs of all students. Flex students have the choice to attend four days per week, on campus, in college-prep courses, where students combine the best of blended learning with traditional classroom instruction in a technology-rich environment. They also have the choice of one-to-one instruction through the Flex Learning option, where students meet with their teacher once a week and work independently between visits. For those students who seek the structure of daily classroom attendance for some subjects, but who appreciate the scheduling flexibility of one-to one instruction for others, we can provide a mix of coursework that is tailored for your student.


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