Our Learning Options

At Escondido Charter High School, we offer a full range of learning options to suit the varied learning styles of our students. Some students prefer traditional instruction with a teacher in a classroom, while others prefer a combination of classroom instruction and technology-based learning. Still others prefer to work one-on-one with a teacher who can guide them in their independent study. Our goal is to ensure a good fit for every student, and the learning options we offer allow us to do that.

Please read through the brief introductions to our learning options below, and click on the Learn More button to view the details for each learning option.

Traditional Learning

Escondido Charter High School Traditional offers a five-day-a-week, college-prep option where students are able to forge strong relationships with their teachers in small class settings. Traditional Learning develops critical thinking and problem solving skills, while encouraging students to embrace the traditional values of integrity, personal responsibility, and service to others.

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Flex Learning

Flex learning encompasses a range of options, all aimed at personalizing the educational experience.

Flex 4-Day

Escondido Charter High School Flex provides a four-day, on-campus, college-prep option where students combine the best of independent learning with traditional classroom instruction in a technology-rich environment. In this program, students are encouraged to attend college courses while still in high school.

Flex One-to-One

Flex Learning students also have the choice of one-to-one instruction in an independent learning option where students meet with their teacher once a week and work independently between visits. In addition to the options outlined above, we also offer a Flex Blended Learning option which allows for a mix and match approach. If the Flex 4-Day option seems too restrictive and the Flex One-to-One option is too independent, we can create a mix of coursework that is tailored to your student's needs.

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