Our Approach

Educational Philosophy

Our primary focus at Escondido Charter High School is to prepare students for success in college. We understand that not all students will seek careers that require a college degree, but we want to send them out into the world with all options open to them. We believe that a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes strong language skills, develops critical thinking capabilities, enhances problem-solving faculties, highlights American history and western thought, and challenges students with advanced math and science coursework is the key to preparing students for success in college.

In addition, we believe that students need to be well-rounded for success in life. To that end, our secondary focus is on character building with an emphasis on the traditional values of hard work, integrity, and personal responsibility. In our classrooms, on the field, and in our curricular clubs, we emphasize truth, honor, and compassion. Our students are regularly provided with opportunities to serve their community and build their leadership skills. These personal skills complement and enhance their academic achievements.

Supporting Parents

We believe parents are the primary educators of their students and are ultimately responsible for the moral and intellectual development of their children. We work in partnership with parents to assist them in fulfilling these responsibilities, and we encourage parents to become involved in every aspect of their student’s education.

Instructional Innovation

By fusing a time-tested approach to fundamental education with innovative learning strategies that foster creativity and effective thinking skills, we are able to provide our students with the best of what is new without sacrificing the best of what is tried and true. This approach allows our teachers to spend more time working directly with their students and discussing the material in greater detail.

Our Learning Options

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