Spring Formal Tickets

Note: The window for purchasing Spring Formal Tickets is now closed.

Please follow the steps listed below to complete the $45 payment for the 2022 Spring Formal. This year’s event, The Golden Gala, will take place on Saturday, April 23, from 7:00 - 10:00 PM at The California Center for the Arts, Escondido.. There are a limited number of tickets (350) available at $45 each. Seniors and Juniors will have first priority, and Sophomores will be able to purchase any remaining tickets, Freshmen may attend as an invited guest of a Senior or Junior or if there are any tickets left.

  1. Complete a Permission Slip or a Guest Pass, please read the guest pass instructions carefully and make sure it has been signed by Mr. Torres, Dr. Clifton or Mr. Mancino. They are available at the Front Office, the Library, or you can print your own here (Permission Slip/Guest Pass). Please make sure that you read it carefully and understand the dress code. Students, and their guests, who are not following the dress code will be denied entrance to the dance and will not have their ticket refunded.
  2. Purchase your ticket using the PayPal form on this page. 
    Note: Ticket sales from Tuesday, March 29, to Monday, April 4, will be for Seniors and Juniors ONLY. Tuesday, April 5, to Friday, April 8, Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores will be able to pick up tickets. If there are any tickets left, Freshmen will be informed..
  3. Bring your completed Permission Slip/Guest Pass to the ASB Table at lunch by the Clock Tower.
  4. When you hand in your Permission Slip and your payment has been verified you will receive a numbered ticket. You must have this ticket to be admitted to the event.  Even if you have paid, that will not guarantee entrance to the event. You MUST hand in your permission slip and get a numbered ticket to attend the event, NO EXCEPTIONS.

For any questions regarding the event please see Mrs. Arrona in E-200. Questions regarding payment should be directed to Mr. Torres or Dr. Clifton.