Flex Learning

The Setting

The Escondido Charter High School Flex Learning option combines the best features of classroom instruction with the best features of online and blended learning in our Flex Lab. Students in Flex Learning have the ability to enroll in college courses while attending high school, receiving both high school and college credit for those courses. As a part of the Flex Learning option, students can choose to participate in full independent learning at home.

Flex 4-Day

Students who opt for Flex 4-Day will take four core subjects (English, math, science, and foreign language), four days per week, in a traditional classroom setting. These core courses deliver the same academic rigor found in the Traditional Learning option, and, likewise, help students to develop the learning strategies they will need to be successful in college.

In addition to classroom-based instruction, Flex Learning delivers curriculum to students through various electronic platforms, enabling students to work independently and in small groups, with support from teachers on an individual basis. These exploratory and elective courses are designed to introduce students to subjects best suited for their individual interests and goals. To select elective courses, students work closely with a guidance counselor who takes into account their academic readiness, talents, and potential college majors.

As they demonstrate readiness, students are encouraged to enroll in college courses to focus on their academic interests, receive career technical training, and gain valuable college experience. Students who enroll in college while attending high school are able to earn college credits that apply to both their high school and college graduation requirements.

Flex One-to-One

Flex One-to-One is designed for students who prefer greater flexibility in their learning. Students who choose this option meet with a credentialed teacher one day per week to receive guidance, instruction, and feedback. The sequence of coursework is established by the teacher working with the student and often focuses on one subject at a time. One of the great features of Flex Learning is the ability to mix and match all of the elements available in this option. Students who prefer the Flex One-to-One option can also take Flex classroom courses, and all students in Flex Learning can take college courses. Flex One-to-One also allows students the opportunity to participate in the Classical Learning Pathway where they meet weekly, in a small group humanities seminar, to discuss the Great Books they are studying.